Calendar 2024

River matches are all open unless stated.
Match tickets £20. Meet at Berry’s Bar on the High Street Knaresborough for Draw

  • January 14th  GSPK, Sawmills above and below, Abbey Road.
  • January 21st  Dick whitehouse Memorial Sawmills, Chapmans, Scalibar.
  • February 4th Sawmills, GSPK, Abbey Road.
  • February 18th Stu Proctor memorial Scalibar, Sawmills, GSPK, Abbey Road.
  • March 3rd Steve Aldridge memorial Sawmills, Scalibar, Chapans. 2 match series.
  • March 10th 2nd match of the Steve Aldridge memorial.
  • April 21st Poppleton Ponds York
  • May 26th Pollington Aire and Calder canal 29 pegs members only
  • June 9th Pairs Flaxby, Littlethorpe
  • June 23rd Tockwith (Roving match)
  • July 7th Chapmans, Scalibar
  • July 21st John Whitehouse memorial Sawmills, Chapamns,  Scalibar
  • August 4th Tockwith Pairs and Singles
  • August 11th Boroughbridge Officials Scalibar
  • August 18th Sawmills, Chapmans
  • September 1st  Tockwith
  • September 15th Frank Anderson Tockwith, Scalibar, Chapmans GSPK, Abbey Road
  • September 29th  Howard Robinson  Scalibar, Chapmans, Sawmills
  • October 13th  Scalibar, Chapmans
  • October 27th   Boroughbridge exchange Ellenthorpe Hall
  • November 10th GSPK, Abbey Road, Sawmills
  • November 24th Sawmills, GSPK, Abbey Road
  • December 8th Scalibar, Sawmills, Chapmans
  • December 22nd Xmas cheer Sawmills (Bring a prize for the table)
  • Friday night series £60 Entry, May 31st  Flaxby,  June 14th Littlethorpe,  June 29th  Tockwith, July12th Westwick, July26th  Sawmills.
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