The Club’s History

Knaresborough Piscatorials Angling Club was first formed in the 1930’s and had a mixed membership of both fly anglers and coarse anglers, which is still the case today over 70 years later. At its peak the club boasted a 400 plus membership. This included a healthy juniors section and a lady members section also.

Members enjoyed the luxury of fishing a great range of watersrivers ,ponds and Canals. Today’s membership, however, has fallen , but despite this decline, a rejuvenated committee has put in place a 5 year programme to increase membership and improve facilities over the full range of its waters. This has included to stocking of fish in both the river and littlethorpe pond, easier access has been made possible along sawmill allowing for trolley’s to be taken along a new path. The club will be looking to put in place some junior based matches for 2020 to help and encourage the club juniors and any that may be looking to join in the near future.

River venues where possible are to be made trolley friendly. Our two  ponds are to hopefully include disabled pegs. Recently the river Nidd at Sawmills took delivery of 750 chub and 15,000 roach. This was made possible due to the level of commitment by our members to raising funds for this programme.

New members will be made very welcome. Come on.. Get involved… Join us on this new and exciting journey!

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