Calendar 2023

River matches are all opens unless stated.
Match tickets £15. Meet at Wetherspoons ( The Crown) Knaresborough for breakfast Draw at 8.30am

  • 8th January G.S.P.K. Sawmills and abbey Road
  • 22nd January Dick Whitehouse Memorial  Sawmills, Chapmans and Scalibar
  • 5th February Sawmills, G.S.P.K. Abbey Road
  • 19th February Stu Proctor Scalibar, G.S.P.K. Abbey Road and Sawmills
  • 5th March Steve Aldridge Sawmills and Chapmans
  • 12th March Westwick (Members only)
  • 7th May Noddy Bramley Flaxby (Members only) 16 Pegs max
  • 11th June 1st leg pairs Flaxby and Crimple
  • 18th June 2nd leg pairs Flaxby and Crimple
  • 2nd July Tockwith
  • 16th July Chapmans and Scalibar
  • 30th July Tockwith and Scalibar
  • 13th August Boroughbridge exchange Tockwith
  • 13th August Chapmans and Scalibar
  • 27th August Tockwith
  • 10th September Sawmills G.S.P.K. Abbey Road
  • 24th September Frank Anderson Tockwith, Chapmans and Scalibar
  • 8th October Sawmills, G.S.P.K. Abbey Road
  • 22nd October Howard Robinson Sawmills, Chapmans and Scalibar
  • 5th November Sawmills, G.S.P.K. Abbey Road and Scalibar
  • 19th November Sawmills, G.S.P.K. Abbey Road
  • 3rd December Sawmills
  • 17th Xmas cheers Sawmills (Bring a prize for the table)
  • Friday Night series 5th May Crimple (5 Matches £60) 4.30 Draw at the venue for all matches
  • Friday Night Series 9th June Flaxby
  • Friday Night Series 23rd June Tockwith
  • Friday Night Series 7th July Westwick
  • Friday Night Series 21st July Scalibar
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