River Nidd Holme Bottom

Nidd Estate (Holme Bottom).

Travel out of Knaresborough on the B6165 towards Ripley and, about half a mile before the village of Nidd, look out for two reflective posts on the left either side of a lane.
Take the left turn onto this lane continuing along down to the gates either side of the well used cycle/footpath. At this moment in time these gates are in disrepair and are left open so please drive carefully when approaching and going over this path. Continue along the lane with the buildings on your right, heading down the hill to the parking area at the bottom adjacent to the river.
No permanent pegs are in place and the stretch is rather wild. The upper limit is approximately 100 meters upstream of the car park and the downstream limit is at the end of the field opposite the sewage Farm.
When the ground is dry, easier access towards the downstream limit can be made by walking along the perimeter of the field to your left as you come out of the car park  (approximately 10 minutes).